Monday, February 6, 2017


Sunday. The day of rest. The Sabbath.

I'll have Sunday off each week, and will be  making an effort to explore and try something new, as well as practice speaking Russian and embarrassing myself for the locals' entertainment.

Hashem, also having Sundays off, wanted to go buy a new gym bag, and so after grabbing a bite, we ventured to the Khan Shatyr, a massive shopping center, basically a mall. But first, we went sliding down the ice slide at an ice village that was obviously for small children.

I converted my $USD to the local currency, Tenge, and I'm glad I went with, because Hashem was able to show me where to get a local cell phone sim card and also how to activate it.

So Hashem found his gym bag, and I got a few things like a loofah and some shampoo. Afterwards, we went to his apt and just kinda chilled, and also figured out how to operate the washing machine, which was actually harder than I thought. Then we went and got some dinner before calling it a night.

Currently, I'm living in the workers camp near the job site, and looking for an apartment close to work, as the company will be paying my rent. 😎

Olga and Aru, two co-workers, have been very helpful in getting me some appointments set up to look at apartments. They seem to be the "fixers", finding housing for people around here.

I haven't actually started working yet, as I am scheduled to complete safety training tomorrow morning. But I'm okay with that, been getting paid since the 2nd regardless! :)

Until further notice, I'm gonna eat some ramen style noodles I found at a local store, and here's a few photos I took whilst out and about with Hashem yesterday.



  1. I just realized it is exactly 12 hours different in time from Austin to Astana. That's awesome.