Saturday, April 1, 2017

Back from NYC. Back to work.

Arrived at the Astana International Airport at around 4:00 am on Tuesday, where I went smoothly through customs, picked up my bag, and got a ride back to my apartment from the hired driver. Pretty normal, except that now I was in my apartment at 5 in the morning, somewhat rested, waiting to go to work at 8:00 am. So I waited, and showered, and unpacked, and ate, and went to work, feeling mostly normal. Around 3:00 pm that day, it hit me. The nefarious jet-lag. Yup. It was a real bitch. All of a sudden I was tired. Really tired. So I pushed through the workday until about 6:00 pm, an hour before I'm supposed to get off, and left for home. I slept and slept and slept, until about 5:30 am the next day. But over the next few days, my condition worsened, from jet-lag to flu-like sickness. It got bad enough where I took some time off from work, got some medicine from the doctor, and had to sleep and just drink water and eat soup for two days. It was actually really hard to just lay in bed, as I get restless and there's not much to do at home. But I'm feeling somewhat better now, still not 100%.
You can tell I'm pretty healthy lookin'...
Through the peephole.

w/ my sis @ 30 rock
I did have a great time in New York with my sister, eating great food, having some delicious libations, and buying some stuff that isn't available in Kazakhstan, like Mexican hot sauce. I also got myself a new skateboard deck so that I can start skating once the snow melts here! Really stoked about that. The trip was short lived, but a fulfilling getaway from the mundane work days. I also got to see my friends Hope and Bill, whom I make an effort to see whenever I can. So that was also great.
w/ sis and Bill at the bar

my sentiments

The snow is melting, turning roadways and sidewalks into muddy horror scenes of shoe print patterns, like a dirty third world Pollock painting. You'll be lucky to get back to your house with only ankle high mud caked on your boots.

I'll be meeting with the main site mechanic on Monday to start working with him on maintaining some of the heavy equipment, so that's a development at work I'm somewhat excited about. Other than that, I've just been trying to get back into a healthy sleeping and eating schedule after being sick. 

I feel ya...

Found this just stuck in a newspaper dispenser. Evidence of some debaucherous night life.

People are people, they eat all the food.

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